Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WOW.. on a console?

so there are  a few rumors flying around about world of warcraft being ported for console use. reports say that if it were to pass over it would most likely come out on the xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3. but the question that seems to be running through everybody's mind is, is it even possible? well i scoured the web in search of any information on the subject and here's what i found.

now most people agree that passing the game over into he console realm will make the number of people actually playing the game sky rocket. however the majority of people seem to also share the same concern, the concern being the controls. on the computer you have dozens of buttons to use plus the mouse that can be used to click on anything that you cant use a key for. the problem is that without all of the keys of a key board the control system could become a very serious issue. but even with this concern many people are still very hopeful that the game will may the transition over to the game console world.

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