Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WOW.. on a console?

so there are  a few rumors flying around about world of warcraft being ported for console use. reports say that if it were to pass over it would most likely come out on the xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3. but the question that seems to be running through everybody's mind is, is it even possible? well i scoured the web in search of any information on the subject and here's what i found.

now most people agree that passing the game over into he console realm will make the number of people actually playing the game sky rocket. however the majority of people seem to also share the same concern, the concern being the controls. on the computer you have dozens of buttons to use plus the mouse that can be used to click on anything that you cant use a key for. the problem is that without all of the keys of a key board the control system could become a very serious issue. but even with this concern many people are still very hopeful that the game will may the transition over to the game console world.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Max Payne 3

OK gamers I'm bringing you one today that i have personally been waiting for. Rockstar games has let out some info the upcoming max Payne 3. as everyone can remember the hero of the tale was dying a slow and painful death. this story picks up sometime after that. i wont go into details because i don't want to ruin it for you.
one of the drawbacks from the old game was the graphics. they were gritty and not very clean, this is surely not the case for max Payne 3. the graphics are amazingly crisp. you can see the creases in max Payne's face!!!. the game also has a great stream lining to it. no more long waits for the map to load up now the game transitions in and out of cut scenes with an almost elegant grace. to read more and check out some screen shots head on over to until next time gamers.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Neo Steam

Neo steam an mmo style game. the game is based around nicely developed and creatively conceived steam powered technology. the games world has a treasure trove of these unique items that span over a very wide variety. for transportation they use Zeppelin's and steam powered subway trains. the cities in the game are lined with bubbling water tanks and air vents that let out steam. the buildings themselves show the use of the technology throughout the architecture and small and ingenious ways.
the game divides the players into two different factions. the republic of rogwell or the red guys and the elerd kingdom who wear blue uniforms. the group you go to depends on what race and what class you decide to pick.over all the game sports fun cartoon like graphics. the fighting system is well balanced and the steam technology and magic realm of the game lends a sort of unique quality. look out for this one coming out soon.until next time gamers.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

gaming video

ok gamers i put on a little video for all of you to give your eyes a little rest from all the reading. hope you enjoy

Monday, June 15, 2009

Modern Warfare 2

alright gamers. this one goes out to all you squad run and gun players out there. modern warfare 2 the latest in the line of warfare games has been announced as possibly one of the largest releases to date. analyst say that infinity wards new shooter could possibly tip the sales scale at 8 million units in the first week! larger then the halo games or any other that has previously come out.
i don't have to tell you that the company has been working hard at bringing you everything good from the last game and adding on to improve the game in any way possible. the combat system will remain the same. small improvements to the online playability have made it easier for gamers to meet and group up with other players of the same skill level. the graphics as always are beautiful with more distributable environments and detail down to the very last strap on your characters boots.
the single player has always been a little behind in depth mainly because the game has focused so much on the multiplayer aspect. but having locked that down for most part activision has improved on the single player campaigns to add a little more meat to those solo players out there. watch out for this one gamers. until next time

the audio blog

heres a good little rundown of a few games that were shown off during the E3 Gaming Expo that took place a few weeks ago. i hope you all enjoy it until next time gamers

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Forza Motorsport 3

alright gear heads. the newest installation of the Forza serious has been announced. the game is intended to take anyone who loves cars and pull them into the gaming realm of fast paced high performance racing. this years game is going to focus on providing a much user friendly version taking away all of the sub windows and limiting the micro managing of the vehicles to allow for a smoother gaming experience. Turn 10 studios decided to rebuild to graphics engine for this installment, the result?, a beautiful crisp clean image of European tune up cars flying through some of the most beautiful landscapes at break neck speeds.
another new focus for the the game creators this user was on user made content. the new game will allow gamers to create new item and then load them into the community forums for other players to use. its even been hinted at the possibility of selling the items for in game cash created a small economy within the game. as for the game play everybody is different, and the creators have gone to great lengths to comfort everybody. all manner of options and assist have been implemented to allow every player to personalize the experience right down to how tight the steering is. thats all for now gamers until next time.